- Jean Chaudat des Lorances
(propriétaire récoltant)
- Le Bourg

- Ses Vins fins de Villages Beaujolais

Grand Cru Morgon : Les Charmes

This vineyard represents the "fleuron" of our production. The wine is produced in a unique terroir made of loose, crumbling, schistous rock. It is intense garnet in colour and aromas of ripe cherries and plums with spicy note. Our Morgon realises a full potential after several years ageing and should be served at 14/15°C with game and meat dishes.

Cru Régnié : Les Reyssiers

The wine is deep ruby coloured, it looses aromas of small red fruits (rasberry, currant) and of wild black fruits (blackberries, black currant). Supple and fleshy it is called the Lady’s wine. To be served at 14/15°C, it accompanies well cooked pork meats, roasted meats. To keep 4/5 years at least.

Villages Lantignié

- Vieilles Vignes : old vineyards (60 years average old)

The wine resulting a patient macération benefits a ruby colour and subtile concentrated aromas. The Charm of this wine will know how to seduce you by its structure and all the ability of the wine grower you can also keep it in your cellar during some years (5/10). Served at 14°C with red meat dishes. Note : Every bunch of grapes is carefully harvested by HAND. Grapes are put in tub without undergoing any destruction, it is the wine making in whole clusters

Villages Beaujeu

Historic Capital of Beaujolais. Beaujeu gaves Beaujolais. He flagship wine of Beaujolais is perfect for drinking all year round. It is highly aromatic wine with floral and fruity bouquets. It should be served at 12° either with cold meat, poultry, white meat and hors d’œuvres, or simply enjoyed on their own.

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